If you are thinking of buying a scooter for your child, you’re not alone. In recent years thousands of parents across Canada have been buying 3-wheeled kickboards and scooters for kids; it’s become the most popular and most efficient way for young children to “get around.” It’s now relatively common to see hoards of scooter-riding children making their way to school every morning and most parents don’t have a bad word to say about them. So what is it about scooters for kids that have made them so popular?

Scooters for Kids: A Must Have Accessory for Every Child

Many parents have become concerned by the trend that has been established amongst many youngsters in recent years, finding it difficult to persuade them to go outside and play. However,scooters for kids have gotten them out from the TV room and back outside. Here are just a few reasons why they’ve become so well liked by parents and children alike.

  • Both a Mode of Transportation and Favourite Toy – A typical child is 6 times faster on a scooter than walking which comes in handy during the morning rush to get to school. When not needed to get somewhere on time, the scooter turns into a sporty toy that can go as fast or as curvy as the rider wants.
  • Easy to Use – One of the other reasons that young children have so much fun with scooters is that the learning curve is not as steep as other products, such as bikes. This means they are able to quickly master the basic skills required to use a scooter. Also, some of the skills learned are transferable; many children learn how to balance on a scooter which comes in very handy when learning to ride a bike.
  • Less Risky Than Other Ride-On Toys – There are various ride-on “toys” that children traditionally like to use, with bikes and skateboards being two of the other most popular options. However, in comparison scooters for kids are much safer and your child is less likely to sustain an injury when using a scooter. However, that doesn’t mean that precautions shouldn’t be taken and we recommend that kneepads, elbow pads and a helmet be worn at all times.
  • High-Quality Scooters Really Last – Anything that is bought for a young child needs to be able to tolerate a fair amount of abuse and well-built scooters for kids are able to do just that. High quality components will make scooters cost a bit more but are well worth the money as they also make the scooter much sturdier and therefore much smoother and more fun to ride. There’s nothing worse than a shake and rattle when you’re rolling! What’s more, if a certain part of such a scooter does break or get damaged, it’s usually possible to source a replacement from the repair service.
  • Wonderful Design Variations – We all have our own unique identity, including children! As such, scooters for kids are available in a wide range of different colours and designs. Matching scooter accessories such as helmets, bells, lights and decorations can be used to personalize a scooter even more to make the journey to school something to look forward to (for both the child and the parent)
  • Convenient – Last but not least, scooters for kids are very convenient to store as they use up much less room than a bicycle. Quality 2-wheeled models boast a handlebar assembly that folds with little effort, meaning the scooter occupies a minimal amount of storage space. Three-wheeled kickboards have the advantage of always standing upright rather than lying on the floor.

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June 26, 2023 — Kickboard Canada

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