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If you’re looking for some useful tips for riding your 3-wheeled kickboard, this article is sure to be of interest to you. In it, we are going to take a quick look at some basic techniques that will help to get you off to a great start.

Basic Kickboard Techniques

At first glance, the models you can find for sale online mostly look very similar to the two-wheeled scooters for teens and adults that are available across Canada. However, the extra wheel at the front makes a big difference to the way that you control them.

  • Lean-to-steer – The patented lean-to-steer mechanism means that the rider uses their weight to steer rather than turning the handlebars like on a bicycle. The front wheels turn automatically as the rider leans left or right for the ultimate sidewalk surfing experience.  With practice the rider can carve longer sweeping curves as space allows.  The exhilarating feeling is often described as a cross between a scooter and a snowboard.
  • Stopping – Being able to stop is, of course, an essential technique of riding any scooter. The integrated brakes of all Micro kickboards are activated when the back foot pushes down onto it, which slows the back wheel and brings the scooter to a smooth stop. Given the stability of kickboards, abrupt stops can be also accomplished simply by taking one foot off the deck and placing it on the ground. Practicing both techniques will allow you to use them in different situations and will contribute to a safe ride.
  • Hopping on and off – Because a kickboard is built for long sweeping curves rather than sharp turns, you will probably need to stop and step off when tackling sharp turns. Once you have lifted and turned your board simply step back on again and go! The very low ride height of the decks make this manoeuvre easy to accomplish. In addition, being able to quickly hop off your kickboard is essential in getting up and down curbs, crossing streets and avoiding obstacles.

Practice Makes Perfect

The above three techniques should ensure that you are able to steer accurately and avoid common obstacles without too much effort. The more time you spend on your kickboard, practising these and other manoeuvres, the sooner you will become a kickboarding pro. For more information about different techniques or the models that we have available in this country, please feel free to give us a call on our toll free number – 1.877.913.5425.


October 26, 2023 — Kickboard Canada

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