MICRO Retractable Cable Lock


Protect your scooter from opportunistic theft with this handy combination lock!.

  • Compact size makes it easy to carry in pocket or purse when not in use.
  • Light-duty retractable plastic coated wire cable 
  • Set your own 3-digit code.
  • Suitable for use with all Scooters and Kickboards.

Lock Casing is approx. 5.5 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm.

Cable is approx. 53cm long.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ken Jensen
Lock is great BUT

The lock is very well thought out, but I do not understand why Micro does not provide a place on the stem of the scooter (we have an e-scooter) to loop the cable through. Our solution was to take the plastic handle holder from our non-electric scooter (which has a built-in cable lock) and attach it to the stem of the e-micro just below the handle bars. Works fine. Doing something like that at the factory would cost pennies.

Laura Manes
Handy little lock

Nice and compact cable lock, easy enough for kids to use. Not a long cord, but perfect for scooters

Brilliant little lock.

This little lock is brilliant. It's small and feather-light, so you can keep it in your bag to have on hand for those times when you don't want to take the scooter inside with you. I have a more cumbersome lock which I seldom had when I needed it, because it added such weight to my backpack. I only wish Micro would add a convenient loop to the post or the t-bar, to spare us the undignified squat when looping it through the wheels... .... .... Let's hope that's coming in future scooter models.

stephen mason
great if you're tired of getting a grocery cart just to carry the scooter around while shopping

My 9 year old was able to configure the lock's combination herself, and it rides around on the cross of her scooter's handlebars. A little worried that the thin cable may be vulnerable to a good set of wire cutters, but mitigate that by not leaving it locked up for long periods or in low traffic areas.

perfect lock for 2

I bought this lock to be able to lock up both of my boy's scooters at school. It's very light, easy to use, and long enough that I can secure 2 scooters to a bike rack.