MICRO 200mm Flex Scooter 12+ yrs

$249.95 $284.95

Shock-absorbing fiberglass-reinforced flex deck helps absorb the bumps! Perfect for your daily commute!
  • Large PU wheels to go further & faster
  • Air-plane grade aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable
  • Soft, shock-absorbing foam grips with side bumpers
  • Large rear spoon brake
  • Easy folding action
  • Handy kickstand

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Customer Reviews

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Canada Games Centre- Whitehorse
Micro 200 Flex Scooter

We have several of the smaller scooters here at the Games Centre and they have proven popular on our hardwood court. We purchased the larger scooter so that adults could enjoy themselves while their kids rode around. We have had the Micro 200 for only a short time but it seems to work well and has a very smooth ride

Ryan Granholm

The board has a bit too much flex for me as the energy doesn't transfer to the wheels as well. I'm 6'2" and 230lbs, and the solid base scooter worked a bit better for me. However the flexible base does provide great shock absorption as advertised, larger people may just prefer a stiffer base.

Great for commuting

I am a nurse and I bought this scooter to commute 12 km one way to a hospital. It is performing very well. The ride is relatively smooth, wheels are big enough not to be worried about sidewalk bumps. The deck is wide for changing legs easily. Also, it is compact and easy to carry on TTC. So no complaints so far, great investment!

Nik T
Family Fun

Bought a 200mm Flex Scooter after getting a mini micro scooter as a gift for our daughter, as we wanted to join in on the scooter riding. It's also great for getting around where we otherwise use a car to get errands done; folds easily and is comfortable for longer rides. Also is great for exercise on longer rides and uphill. Highly recommend Micro scooters; great fun that everyone can enjoy.

Jane O
Grandparents on Parade

I was surprised when my 69 year old husband asked me to order an extra scooter for him when I was ordering mine. I look after grandchildren who love their Maxi Micro's (gifts from us). They were excited when we brought our new scooters out to ride alongside them. But now on the weekends, we use them for all kinds of recreation and errands on our own. We considered the 3 wheeled adult micro original version, but we are glad that we chose the comfort of the Micro 200mm Flex Scooter. We absolutely love them! Last weekend, we used them for sightseeing. They are so much less bulky than bikes, but you can cover the same territory, hopping on and off so easily to take pictures, etc. We even folded them up and put them under our table in a downtown restaurant. There are cheaper ones out there but it is worth it to pay for the quality and smooth glide of a Micro Scooter. Highly recommend!