How to Correct Steering Stiffness:

Solution 1. Greasing

Any stiffness in the steering can be easily and immediately remedied with the application of any universal grease to the middle of the connecting rod on the underside of the scooter.  Using a coffee stir stick (or similar), apply grease the size of a pea under the black metal bale between the two bumpers as per the second photo.  Once grease has been applied, grab both wheels and repeatedly turn them back and forth to work the grease in all along the rod the length of the two springs.  If necessary, add a little more grease.  You will soon notice that the steering is no longer stiff.  

Should the steering still feel stiff, please continue to the next step.

Solution 2. Loosening the Locking Nuts

If after greasing the steering still feels stiff, simply use a 17mm wrench to give both the left and right lock nuts a quarter counter-clockwise turn.  Over time, these lock nuts can tighten and may need to be loosened periodically.


How to Get the Steering Column to Lock into Place:

If the steering column is not locking into place when in an upright position, it is likely a matter of the black plastic folding mechanism cuff not sliding all the way down into position.  To quickly correct this problem it is usually just a matter of applying lubricant (such as WD-40) and universal grease (such Permatex shown below).  First apply a short spray lubricant onto the locking pin as per the second photo. 

Then, using a coffee stir stick (or similar), apply a pea-sized amount of grease into the locking-pin groove as shown in the fourth photo. 

To work the lubricant and grease into the locking pin, slide the black plastic folding mechanism cuff towards the handlebar to release the lock and unfold the scooter.  Now slide the cuff upwards again to release the lock and fold the scooter.  Repeat opening and folding the scooter several times.  The black plastic cuff should now easily slide into position when the scooter is opened.  To test, give the cuff a downwards push to make sure it is all the way down in position.  SAFETY WARNING: For safety reasons, it is very important to never operate the kickboard without the cuff sitting all the way down into the locked position. 

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to help ensure years of safe and enjoyable use of your MICRO Kickboard!