MICRO 200mm Flex Air Scooter

About the MICRO 200mm Flex Air Scooter

The MICRO 200mm Flex Air Scooter absorbs the shocks so you don’t have to! This is a great choice for those who regularly ride on particularly rough surfaces! Between its extra-large 200mm air-filled tires (like on a bicycle) and its patented flexible fiberglass-reinforced flexible deck, it tames even the most uneven sidewalk or hard-packed path.

The soft foam handle grips, extra wide deck for both feet, and integrated kickstand and back brake system add to your comfort and control. The patented double-button folding system makes the MICRO Flex Air transportable and easy to carry.

The Flex boasts a weight capacity of 100 kg and adjustable height handlebars extend an additional 30 cm from the lowest setting for added safety and comfort.

Please note: Tires must be properly inflated prior to first use. This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use.

The Flex Air's modular construction is made to last with virtually every part being replaceable. Kickboard Canada maintains a comprehensive Replacement Parts Service to replace parts that might wear out over time.  

Technical Specifications

Model Name MICRO 200mm Flex Air Scooter
Recommended Age Range  5 + years of age
Weight Limit of Rider 100 kg
Weight of Scooter 5100 g
Scooter Material Aluminum
Wheel Size and Material 200 mm Air Filled
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Handlebar Height from Ground Adjustable: 730 mm to 1030 mm
Handlebar Height from Scooter Deck Adjustable: 665 mm to 955 mm
Handlebar Width 405 mm
Scooter Deck Length x Width  335 mm x 135 mm
Scooter Folded Length x Width x Height 760 mm x 135 mm x 320 mm

Scooter Ground Clearance

45 mm

MICRO 200mm Flex Air Scooer

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