Red Dot Design Award Winner ! The Mini 2Go is a clever innovation from MICRO for kids 1 ½ to 6 years of age. The removable storage drawer means that favourite snacks and treasures are always close at hand while the original lean-to-steer mechanism promotes motor skills and balance. When the seat is no longer required, it can be easily removed and the Mini 2Go is transformed into the original Mini Micro 3-wheeled scooter but with an adjustable T-Bar handlebar. The Mini MICRO is low-to-the-ground and large enough for two feet, making it easy for riders to hop on and off or to switch from pushing to simply enjoying the ride. Highest-quality non-marking polyurethane wheels ensure a wonderfully smooth quiet ride while the lean-to-steer mechanism puts the rider in control. The fibre-glass reinforced deck and rear brake provide an extra measure of security and for added convenience in transportation and storage, the aluminium steering column can be easily detached by way of a child-resistant safety catch on the underside of the scooter. Built for years of fun and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Stage 1: Age 1 1/2 – start out with the ride-on seat with removable storage drawer Stage 2: Age 2 – convert to a low-handled stand-on by removing the seat and drawer from the base Stage 3: Age 3+ – extend the adjustable T-Bar as your child grows!    

Technical Specifications

Recommended Age Range


Weight Limit of Rider


Weight of Kickboard


Wheel Size and Material


Kickboard Handlebar Height Range


Kickboard Deck Width


Kickboard Deck Length


Kickboard Ground Clearance