The commute to school just got way cooler!

Developed by pro riders for young riders. The uniquely styled MX Freeride Street Scooter with fat wheels is based on the design of one of our most popular stunt scooters, the MX Trixx, but has had some extra features incorporated to suit those who prefer to ride street.

The added extras include fat 120mm wheels for greater stability and more manoeuvrability around tight corners or when riding at higher speeds.  

As with all Micro products, the MX Freeride Street Scooter is built to last, designed with safety and quality as a priority.  Each of our superbly built scooters is repeatedly tested to meet the highest safety standards. With a highly responsive brake and robust frame, a Micro Scooter is simply the safest pair of wheels.

Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor skate parks as well as street riding.  For your protection, please always wear a helmet when riding your scooter.

Technical Specifications

Model Name MICRO MX Freeride Street Scooter
Recommended Age Range  7 to 12 years of age
Weight Limit of Rider 100 kg
Weight of Scooter 5000 g
Scooter Material Aluminum
Wheel Size and Material 120 mm x 65 mm PU
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Scooter Length x Width x Height 680 mm x 465 mm 770 mm
Handlebar Height from Ground 770 mm 
Handlebar Height from Scooter Deck 700 mm
Handlebar Width 465 mm 
Scooter Deck Length x Width  350 mm x 110 mm
Scooter Ground Clearance 50 mm