Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Kickboard

About the Mini MICRO Deluxe Plus Kickboard

An anodized steering column and rubberized detailing on the deck give this scooter an extra luxe look!  This versatile set complete with a scooter deck, T-bar handle bar, seat, foot-rests and pushbar is a great value as it will take your child from their first steps to their first scoot to school!

Children as young as 1 can begin to experience the fun of scooting while they develop their balance, coordination and motor skills.

Stage 1: At approx. 12 months – Start out with the ride-on seat and pushbar

Stage 2: At approx. 24 months – Convert to a stand-on by removing the seat from the T-Bar

Stage 3: Ages 3-5 years – Raise the T-Bar as your child grows for the original Mini MICRO experience.  Everything you need is in the box!

The original lean-to-steer 3-wheeled scooter for young children is still the world leader in quality and performance. Its patented steering mechanism allows children to use their body weight to makes turns as they enjoy the feeling of 'surfing the sidewalks'!

Unique in the market, the non-sagging fiberglass-reinforced flex deck offers greater stability and control, allowing children to ride with confidence. The highest quality polyurethane (PU) wheels and ball-bearings also create a wonderfully smooth glide -- and a quiet ride (a joy for both parents and children!) The rear foot brake provides additional control for the rider.

Low to the ground and large enough for two feet, the Mini MICRO makes it easy for riders to hop on and off or to switch from pushing to simply enjoying the ride. Its light weight makes it easy for parents or kids to pick up and carry when necessary.

For added convenience in transportation and storage, the aluminium steering column can be easily detached by way of a child-resistant safety catch on the underside of the scooter.

The Mini MICRO makes scooting fun for young children while helping them to develop their balance, coordination and motor skills. Moms and dads love it for its ability to get their youngsters moving both independently and, best of all, enthusiastically!

When first fixing the seat to the T-bar, please put the seat in the correct position for the child’s height, usually starting with the lowest position. The child must be able to touch the ground with the whole of their feet at the same time, otherwise they will not have proper control and braking could be dangerous.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Kickboard
Recommended Age Range  1 to 6 years of age
Weight Limit of Ride 35 kg
Weight of Kickboard 1990 g
Kickboard Material Fiberglass Reinforced Chassis / Plastic
Wheel Size and Material Front: 120 mm / Back: 80 mm PU
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Front Wheel Width 235 mm
Handlebar Height from Ground Adjustable: 490 mm to 685 mm
Handlebar Height from Kickboard Deck Adjustable: 440 mm to 630 mm
Handlebar Width 265 mm
Kickboard Deck Length x Width  300 mm x 110 mm
Kickboard Ground Clearance 36 mm
Seat Length x Width 230 mm x 60 mm
Seat Height from Kickboard

Stage 1: 215 mm

Stage 2: 250 mm

Stage 3: 285 mm

Push-bar Height Min 700 mm x Max 1070 mm
Combined Weight of Unit 3100 g


Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Kickboard

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