The perfect quality time activity for you and your child! Have you ever wondered how many parts there are to a scooter and how they all go together? The MICRO Sprite Scooter - Build-Your-Own Kit comes with everything your need including step-by-step instructions to build your very own classic MICRO Sprite Scooter. 

This DIY Sprite kit for ages 5+ is the first of its kind with every ‘micro’ detail in mind so that quality is ensured even when built by an adult-supervised youngster. Right from the beginning, this assembly kit captures the imagination and gives the builder a sense of achievement and satisfaction. The kit comes with nine different parts for the rider to assemble with the Allen key provided.  There is an easy-to-follow instruction video as well as printed instructions in the box. The result is a classic scooter with all the features of regular MICRO Sprite Scooter. The perfect activity for memorable family time!

The versatile Sprite is a classic 2-wheeled scooter brought to you by MICRO® of Switzerland, inventors of the original modern folding scooter of the late 90’s that was the inspiration for the scooter movement that quickly spread around the world. Made with the same high standards that go into the design and manufacture of all MICRO scooters, the MICRO Sprite is a lot of scooter for the price.

The steering column and deck are made 30% thicker than industry standard for a sturdier and more stable ride! The airplane grade aluminum alloy frame makes the Sprite both light and easy to fold and carry while the polished and anodized finish gives the scooter a more refined look.

The patented folding mechanism is easy to operate and the integrated steering tube adds to the smooth ride. The extra thick wear-resistant high-rebound PU wheels and the ABEC-5 precision carbon steel ball bearings with dirt and rust protection ensure long-lasting performance while the responsive rear brake is made of Al alloy and stainless steel to avoid rusting. A handy kickstand makes parking easier and shock absorbing foam grips have rubber bumpers to prevent damage should the scooter tip over.

With a maximum rider load of 100 kg and handlebars that are extendable from 65 to 95 cm, the Sprite is suitable for a wide range of riders. Lightweight, yet sturdy and practical, the Sprite is reliable companion that can take you anywhere.  

NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for tricks or aggressive use.

Technical Specifications

  • ages: 5+
  • rider weight: up to 100kg
  • handlebar height: 64 cm, extends up to 93 cm
  • deck: aluminum
  • deck length: 50 cm (35 cm clear)
  • overall length: 71 cm
  • deck width: 10 cm
  • weight: 2.7 kg
  • wheels: PU 87A high rebound cast urethane wheels
  • Wheel diameter: 120mm (front), 100 mm (rear)
  • wheel bearings: ABEC 5
  • brake: metal rear wheel brake
  • completely collapsible
  • NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use
  • special: Extremely light weight and practical, perfect beginning scooter and great for commuting.