MICRO Mini/Maxi Hand Grips



Fits: All Mini MICRO and Maxi MICRO models.

Are the handlebar grips looking tired on your Mini or Maxi? Or perhaps you just want to customize your ride with a new colour? These Micro-branded rubber handlebar grips will fit all Mini MICRO and Maxi MICRO kickboards. Sold in pairs and available in a variety of colours. 

Please click on the grey swatch squares to see the various colour options available.

Installation tip: (To be done by an adult only.) Carefully cut off the old grips. Wet the inside of the new grips with rubbing alcohol or water. Now twist the grips back and forth as you pull them into place.  The grips will quickly dry firmly into place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
pavandeep kooner
Great Customer service

Very helpful and great customer support to resolve an issue with an order. We were able to restore a ~8 year old scooter to look brand new with replacement parts purchased on the website. Thank you so much!

Susan Graffam
So easy to update the scooter so another child could enjoy it

It was great to be able to get new hand grips to update a much-loved scooter for a younger sibling, and Kickboard's replacement parts were easy to order and quick to arrive. My only small regret is that I ordered the grips and then also decided to update the deck, but couldn't get the deck in the same colour as the grips. But this is a high-quality scooter and excellent for toddlers and young kids.

Brianne Harrington
Great upgrade

We updated the handles for our 2nd child and the scooter looks new again. Super easy to replace

Christine M.
Easy to put on

Our kids love their MICRO scooters so we decided to pickup 2 more secondhand scooters to leave at the cottage. Scooters were in great shape aside from grips. Easily pulled the old ones off and slid new ones on. What a difference! Scooters are like new again! Added bonus: they arrived super quick!

Stef M
Perfect for Scooter Refresh

The hand grips made a well loved scooter look new again. The raspberry colour is bright and my 3 year old loves her "refreshed" scooter!