Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Push Bar with Adapter & Footrest


Get a tired child sitting on a Mini MICRO 3-in-1 home from the park just a little bit faster.

  • Easily attaches to the Seat & O-Bar of any Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Kickboard (as pictured)
  • Lets an adult take over the steering by lifting up the back wheel
  • Great for when your child is too tired to scoot or for use in busy area
  • Removable and telescopic
  • Optional footrest
  • Tools not required for installation - just set the adapter into the seat, insert the pole and click to secure
IMPORTANT: Push Bar, Adapter and Footrest only. Mini MICRO Kickboard and Seat & O-Bar not included.  Seat & O-Bar can be purchased separately if needed. Please note that this product does not fit the seat of the MICRO Mini 2Go.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great addition

Had the micro forever and now my youngest of three is enjoying it - so glad to know there is a handle like this for longer walks!

Kate B
Excellent addition

This handle and footrest component works great. It takes a bit of practice to maneuver, but easy once you figure it out. My 20 month old loves scooting around the neighbourhood with their older sibling!