MICRO Wheel 80mm Clear (Rear Mini & Maxi)


Fits: Replacement rear wheel for all models of the Mini MICRO & Maxi MICRO.

Keep your Mini MICRO or Maxi MICRO kickboard running smoothly and safely with regular maintenance. This replacement rear wheel will fit all Mini Micro and Maxi MICRO kickboard models. Sold individually.

Please note: The Mini model requires one wheel while the Maxi model needs two back wheels. 

To ensure the longest possible life of scooter wheels, it is very important that riders never apply the brake so fast and hard that the back wheel locks while the scooter is still moving forward causing skidding.  Skidding will leave flat patches on the rear wheel resulting in a bumpy ride. 

Important:  Before ordering replacement wheels, please first undo the axle bolt to determine if it will be reusable. Sometimes the axel bolt will also need to be replaced because of damage during removal due to the thread locking glue (blue or pink) used in production. To remove the axle bolt, we suggest using a set of two long handled  4 mm allen wrenches (ideally with a comfort grip), available at any hardware store.  Please order a new replacement axel bolt, if necessary.  Please contact customer service if you require assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Replacing the rear wheel gave our scooter new life as it was passed down and will be able to be passed down again. Ordering was easy and shipping was very quick!

Worked perfectly

Ordered a couple of these and a new axle and it’s like having a new scooter again. My son loves that it’s smooth/quiet like when he first got it.

Tai Nguyen

Works as it should. No complaints about the product. The shipping was expensive thou.

Sarah Turner
Good as new

Our twins scooted on their micro scooters for three or four years of hard use. We noticed towards the end that there were problems with the back wheel rubbing and turning on its side a little. So, we replaced rear wheels and axels on both scooters, and the scooters are as good as new now, and ready to be passed down to my niece and a friend. Happy to support a company that makes things to last and has replacement parts available (instead of creating landfill junk). And the boys are exciting to be able to pass down their beloved "little kid" scooters, now that they have moved on to their "big kid" scooters.

lindsey Hodgson

We purchased a replacement rear wheel as after a couple years of heavy use the original wheel had some flat spots . The new wheel fit perfectly and our daughter is happy with how much better the wheel runs. My only complaint is that the shipping cost as much as the wheel did , making the purchase price over $30 for one wheel.