Mini MICRO Brake



Keep your Mini MICRO running smoothly and safely with regular maintenance. 

Important: Fits all Mini MICRO and Mini MICRO 3-in-1 Kickboard models with clear front wheels(It does not fit models with black front wheels).

Please click on the grey swatch boxes to see the colour options.  

Instructions: It is easily replaced with just a screwdriver. Detach the coloured scooter deck from the chassis by removing 8 screws located along the length of the underside of the scooter in order to access the bolts attaching the brake to the chassis. Delivered with new nuts and bolts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lisa Glynn
Worked a treat

Easy to install. My 4 year old helped and was very proud of repair. Scooter back in tip top shape for Summer!

Howard Alter
Mini Micro Replacement Brake

Fairly easy to replace the broken brake part with this new one. The scooter is back to functional.

Bexy Blythe
Great customer service

I bought the micro mini deluxe last year for my son. He loves the scooter. The brake broke a few weeks ago and I reached out to customer service and ordered a new brake. The shipping was super fast. The installation easy.

Mike Stringer
I love a product that can be repaired!

Bought a Micro Mini used on Kijiji, son rode it for a year before the rear brake broke. Other brands, it would have been garbage, but with this brake (easily installed, fits perfectly) the scooter is as good as new!

Rich S
Works fine

Exactly what you'd expect, a quality replacement brake that is easy enough to install (the hardest part was removing the old brake, as some of the screws had rusted, but I was able to drill them out). But I wish Kickboard would adjust the shipping... shouldn't be a flat $10 rate for such a small light part. I would have bought elsewhere for that reason if I'd been able to find it.